Road Transportation


At Exim Freight the legacy continues with its philosophy to transport goods quickly, efficiently and economically worldwide. Our main objective is for your products to arrive always on time and in good order, we take away the logistics problems away from you, allowing you to concentrate on your business. We have our own set of fleets to cater to your transportation requirements. We are proud to have an infrastructure catering to all possible needs of exporters and importers. Our clients feel safe because we care.

We at Exim Freight specialize in transporting our customer's goods from place to place with an assurance of total safety. Operating on the principle of care and perfection, Exim Freight offers fast and reliable services.

• Establishing and unmatchable connectivity between point of pick-up to the Port and vice versa.
• Ensuring the Quick, Efficient & Economical transportation.
• Providing solutions by effective use of a required type of vehicle, infrastructure and operation.
• Ensuring the motto of Safety First both implemented & practiced.

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